Through experimentation, Luigi Galvani discovered that muscles contract under the influence of static electricity. He laid the foundation for the discovery of electrochemical cells ( also known as galvanic cells). Galvanism was discovered

Josef Stoisser entered the exciting world of galvanism. During the 70´s he acquired extensive knowledge and a lot of experience in this field. Josef Stoisser founded the „Josef Stoisser waste-water-, exhaust air-, and installation engineering“ in a garage in the Styrian city Leibnitz during the 90´s. He is equipped with 25 years of experience in the field of chemistry and galvanic technology and has an iron will to succeed by using his own ideas.

As a „veteran“ in the field of galvanic technology, he uses his know-how and his social connections to implement international projects right from the start. At the same time, he offers services in all possible dimensions - from providing customized tubs for electroplating to planning and realizing entire coating installations for large-scale industries.

Besides our central market in Austria, since the beginning our focus has also been on Central- and South-east Europe as well as Italy.

Years later, Reinhold Stoisser follows his father´s, (Josef Stoisser´s) footsteps, who eventually retires but still remains on board as a consultant. Reinhold Stoisser brings along a successful background in the field of technology.